Becoming One Flesh as a Christian Wife

Becoming One Flesh as a Christian Wife

Confessions of the Young Christian Wife focuses on becoming one flesh in which we look at the book of Genesis. As you all know I am on a quest to better understand the role of the wife and marriage based on the Bible. In particular what it meant to be a good Christian wife according to the Bible 

My search for understanding leads me directly to the Bible and is helping me grow spiritually. I believe this series is great for everyone (men and women alike) as we could all use the opportunity to explore the word outside of church.  

Genesis 2:24

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” — ESV

Young Christian Wife Becoming One Flesh The Takeaways

According to Genesis, Eve was created from the flesh the rib in particular of Adam (the first man). Eve was created to Adam's helper mate. Man came first and God said man was not made to live alone, so God created Eve to be Adam’s helpmate. My personal understanding was the creation of Eve basically solidified Adam and Eve union (or marriage) as one. As a result, we consider marriage to be a binding of two flesh as one. As a result, all women and men thereafter Adam and Eve must leave their families and become one. Within the union of marriage husband and wife become their own family.

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How it applies to our life?

Man came first and Women were created to be his Helpmate

Personally, I feel this passage reaffirmed our previous discussion on submission. Immediately upon reading the term ‘helpmate’ in the description of the purpose of Eve’s creation I thought a wife's purpose is to help her husband. Of course, we can interpret that in several ways many would presume that implies women should stay home and take care of the house and family.

Personally, I confirm the importance of the wife to helping her husband achieve his goals whatever they maybe. Ultimately that is the responsibility of wives and husbands to support one another goals. Being a good Christian wife to me in this verse means we support our husbands' goals, encourage his growth, nurture his health and well-being, and act as his companion and confidant.

Marriage is a Union of the Husband and Wife as One.

When you get married you become one and there is no longer a such thing as mine and yours. Instead, mines become ours. We share a life together as one unit. Our thoughts, movements, actions, and behavior must be in sync. The ability to act as unit in marriage becomes easier with time.

Ultimately in any team there must be a leader to accomplish and streamline success. Referencing back to the first part of this series allow our husband to lead your household is key. Although it is easier said than done believe you me. In the 21st century submission does not come naturally to women (myself included), but with effort and time we can get their ladies. 

Husband and Wife become a Family.

A man must leave his family and join with his wife. Personally, I believe this applies to husbands and wives. Leave your family when you get married is important. Often times holding on to old ties can create division within a marriage. When either or both partners are not willing or able to leave behind their family to become one with their significant other it creates issues.

Now I don’t believe the purpose of marriage was to separate adults from there family (childhood). But I think the goal of leaving your family to join in marriage is to liberate both partners from there past. Leaving the past behind enables both spouse the opportunity to create a life of their own with the partner in which they can make choices about their life together.

What Can We Learn about being a Wife from this Scripture?

  • Marriage requires a certain level of maturity which is necessary to understand the importance of separating families ties in an effort to respect your marriage.
  • Whether we want to admit it or not our family influence our perspective and decision making.
  • Husband and wife need to be in sync or ‘one flesh’ with one another.
  • Resounding Message In marriage our husband must be the most influential person in our life. 

A Prayer for the Women Who Wants to be One

Dear Heavenly Father, help me to leave the life prior to my marriage behind me. So that I may truly trust and join my husband on our journey as one. Enable us to create a strong union and bond. Father, please order my steps so that I may follow his lead and respect his role as the head of our household. Flesh of his flesh. Allow us to create an unbreakable family unit that is centered on you Father God and your word. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Side Note

When I was reading this verse, I was a little emotional (which is a rarity for me), for a moment and a small part of me felt like women the verse was stating that women were created only to be men helpmates. Although that may seem to be the forethought by no means do I believe that was God only purpose for women, I believe history proves that. 

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