About Chellbee Johnson

Chellbee Johnson is a Poet, Podcaster, Paper Pusher, and Passionate about the Promise Keeper. Best known for her Christian lifestyle blog chellbee.com where she shares bible study tips and bible reading plans.

She encourages everyday women to boldly pursue after Christ. As a working wife and mom of 2 she inspires women to stay connected to the word of God despite life’s busyness.

In her bold pursuit of Christ Chellbee co-founded Bible Beauty Co. with Yasmine Williams Woods. An online sisterhood and community that curates Christian resources by women of color to help all women live out their faith.  

Pursue Christ Boldly

I was raised in Compton, California by a single mother. A latch key kid I often was left to care for myself. As a middle child I felt unseen which fueled my desire for acceptance and resulted in my pursuit of perfection and worldly success.


Despite graduating Sum Cum Laude with a master’s in health service administration I found myself crushed by life when I failed at corporate America.


In my darkest hour after a demotion at work I found refuge with Christ and reconciled myself to him in 2016. Prayerful that Christ could heal my brokenness. 


I quickly became a self-taught bible student. Recognizing the favor on my life I was determined to help other women chase after the word of God through prayer and study. 


There is no way I could have made it from average woman to extraordinary without the love and salvation of Christ Jesus.