About Chellbee Johnson

Chellbee Johnson is a Christian poet/author and YouTuber. Chellbee co-founded Bible Beauty Co. with Yasmine Williams Woods an online sisterhood and community that curates' Christian resources by women of color to help all women live out their faith.  

Chellbee's story is one of overcoming adversity and finding hope in Christ. She was raised in Compton, California by a single mother and often felt unseen and unheard. This led to a pursuit of perfection and worldly success, but Chellbee eventually found herself crushed by life when she failed at corporate America.

In her darkest hour, Chellbee turned to Christ and found refuge in His love. She quickly became a self-taught Bible student and was determined to help other women chase after the word of God. Chellbee's writing and speaking are both powerful and inspiring, and she encourages women to stay connected to the Word of God despite the busyness of life.

Chellbee's poetry is particularly noteworthy for its honesty and vulnerability. She writes about the real struggles that Christian women face, but she always points her readers back to the hope and healing that can be found in Christ. 

Published books by Chellbee Johnson:

  • Season of My Soul: A Collection of Poetry and Prose
  • Encouraged: A Real Talk Devotional and Journal


Dear Bold Believer Christian Stationery Origin Story (formerly Chellbee Christian Stationery)

From whispered prayers to bold faith!

It started with a whisper. Not the nervous kind, but one fueled by love and concern. A prayer, penned for a friend struggling in the darkness, became a lifeline, a beacon of hope shared, not just spoken. The Holy Spirit, however, had a louder voice. It echoed in the anxieties of a pandemic, the fear for an unborn son, and the undeniable pull towards a deeper connection with God.

Dear Bold Believer wasn't born out of a business plan, but a personal journey. Each product, from affirmation cards to Bible study journals, reflects the journey: of a mother, wife, and full-time employee, finding moments in the chaos to create beauty inspired by her faith. These weren't just stationery items; they were tangible reminders, whispers of truth against the anxieties of the world.

But the whispers wouldn't stay contained. They blossomed into a thriving online community, a haven for busy women seeking to deepen their relationship with God. They found encouragement in Dear Bold Believer's vibrant designs, strength in the shared verses, and inspiration in the stories of real women navigating life's complexities.

Today, Dear Bold Believer is more than a home studio buzzing with creativity. It's a testament to the power of a single prayer, a testament to the transformative impact of sharing faith in beautiful, accessible ways. It's a story of finding purpose in the everyday, a ripple of hope expanding outwards, one product at a time.