If You're Feeling Lost or Alone, Keep Reading There is Hope

seasons of my soul

When you're feeling lost or hopeless, these gentle reminders of hope will give you the strength to keep going.


You can always depend on Chellbee to be real and honest. ❤️ I loved how she tied each piece into a scripture. I loved it! Real and honest ❤️


Seasons of My Soul is a heartfelt book of poetry. Through its pages, the author shares a story many of us can relate to. I appreciate her depiction of life before Jesus, life when finding Jesus, and the ups and downs of life after salvation. Her poems are beautifully written and I really appreciate the scriptures she has referenced for each poem. 


Her work is perfect to read personally and would be great for reading/a discussion in a book club. I bought my very own copy and am so pleased with my purchase. I’m looking forward to her next work!


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Raw Poems to Help you Grow in Your Faith

A collection of poetry and prose that explores a journey of loss, redemption in Christ, and self-love. Raw and honest poems that speak to the universal human experience of pain, grief, and hope.

The poems in this collection explore the full range of human emotions, from joy and hope to sorrow and despair. But through it all, the poems offer a message of hope and redemption in Christ.

In "The Darkness," the author describes the pain of losing a dream. But in "The Light," she finds hope in her faith and in the love of God.

The poems in Season of My Soul are a testament to the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity and find redemption in Christ. Whether you're a lifelong Christian or just beginning your journey of faith, Season of My Soul is a book you'll cherish.

These poems will speak to your heart and help you grow in your faith.

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seasons of my soul + encouraged devotional 

What to Expect from Seasons of my Soul
Each poem is followed by a related bible verse.
Confirmation and promises of God to stand on.
Confidence that God has been with you through the pain, trials, and joy. A reminder of the depth of God's love. Empowerment to reflect on how good God is. 

What to Expect from Encouraged Devotional
The devotional is filled with inspiring Bible verses to help you grow in your faith and stay encouraged in Christ. There's space to write down your thoughts, prayers, and feelings. It's a reminder that you're not alone even in tough times. This devotion and journal is a safe place to process your emotions and connect with God.

Chellbee Johnson is a Poet, Podcaster, Paper Pusher, and Passionate about the Promise Keeper. Best known for her Christian lifestyle blog chellbee.com where she shares bible study tips and bible reading plans.

She encourages everyday women to boldly pursue after Christ. As a working wife and mom of 2 she inspires women to stay connected to the word of God despite life’s busyness.

In her bold pursuit of Christ Chellbee co-founded Bible Beauty Co. with Yasmine Williams Woods. An online sisterhood and community that curates Christian resources by women of color to help all women live out their faith.

She was raised in Compton, California by a single mother. A latch key kid she often was left to care for myself. As a middle child she felt unseen which fueled my desire for acceptance and resulted in my pursuit of perfection and worldly success.

In one of my darkest hour after a demotion at work she found refuge with Christ and reconciled myself to him in 2016. Prayerful that Christ could heal her brokenness.