Bible Study for Women Series

Bible Study for Women Series

I am so excited to share this women's bible study videos series which we decided to title Blemished but Beautiful Notable Women of the Bible. If you have followed my blog for a while, then you know that all of my content is a result of things I need.

The idea to create this series was because I really wanted to bible study and fellowship with someone I could learn from. I just recently found a church home in May of 2019. 
But like so many of you, our church doors have closed due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, I haven't done to well with attending virtual/phone services. 
Although I have a personal bible study routine, I was missing that fellowship and opportunity to speak with others about what I am reading in the bible. Which prompted me to reach out to Cassandre Brissot because she has proven to be a woman of God.
We have developed a great friendship over the last year, and she is always filled with so much biblical wisdom when we speak. I approached her about doing a women's bible study video series and she said yes despite not having a YouTube channel. 
But clearly that was nothing but God, because she had considered starting a channel. Therefore, the idea to create a women's bible study video series was the push she needed.
I pray that you will consider watching the series and learning from these beautiful women of the bible. But to be honest I would love it if you would read the women's bible study plan. 
In each video we will be sharing the reading that accompanies the women bible study topic we will be discussing. So please feel free to pause the video, do your reading, come back and watch, and comment on the video on what you learned. 
Let's make this a true fellowship! We all have to start somewhere, and no one is expecting you to be a bible scholar believe me I am not a scholar. 
Just a woman chasing after God and sharing what I am learning in hopes of encouraging other women to open her bible.  
The Blemished but beautiful women's bible study video series begins on October 15. If you're reading this late, don't worry the videos are still posted and you can jump in when you ready. But don't wait!
Cassandre and I will be sharing lessons from women in the bible. For the month of October, we will be discussing Leah, Hannah, and Ruth. 
Be sure to subscribe because we will be returning in December or January to discuss Rachel, Zipporah, Abigail, and Deborah. Who knows if you all respond well and truly enjoy the series this could become a regular women's bible study video series. 
Make sure you subscribe to both of our channels so you don't miss all the beautiful women we will be discussing in this series. I am truly praying this series is a blessing to each of you.
Be sure to order your Blemished but Beautiful bible study journal that pairs perfectly with this video series. 

Watch this Free Women's Bible Study Video Series

  1. Introduction to Series
  2. Leah Part 1
  3. Leah Part 2
  4. Ruth 5 characteristics of a Noble Woman
  5. Hannah and the Power of Prayer 


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